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Integrated Talent Management – Driving business strategy – Part 1

Tim is currently the product director for AmazingPhones, a company making high end smart phones.  He just walked out of the quarterly strategy review meeting where he got a shocking news. AmazingPhones is going to ditch its propitiatory operating system platform

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Simplify Project Management

Software project management can be a real pain for an ERP implementation. If you have previously worked in a open system development environment then planning for ERP implementations can get really tricky. Project managers have to understand that all requirements

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What is your management style?

I was recently asked “What is your management style?”. I stumbled all the way to provide an answer that truly reflected me. I read about all kind of styles from being authoritative to being delegating. I don’t think anyone can have one

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Performace Management Framework

 Introduction Gone are the days when HR department was considered a task oriented function responsible for getting all the paperwork in place and making sure that the employees are paid on time.   In today’s economy, HR plays a critical role

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Upgrade or not to upgrade: That is the question (Customer approach to PeopleSoft 9.2)

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 is here and sure enough it brings quite a bit of excitement to the user community. Though this excitement will start to normalize in a few years as PeopleSoft will get onto a quick agile update/upgrade path

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Total compensation to remuneration to reward – Maslow’s hierarchy of need

Nothing motivates employees more than money, that’s what conventional wisdom has taught us. This is not true anymore and as Maslow’s hierarchy of need suggests, safety (generally provided by money) is still below love, esteem and self-actualization which means that

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Recent Posts: PeopleSoft Tricks and Tips

PeopleSoft Image 29 – Questionnaire

Oracle PeopleSoft released a new Questionnaire module in HCM release 29. This module is very well thought off and designed. There is a lot of options to create the questionnaire with free form, multiple choice, drop down etc format. The questionnaire can also be created to collect anonymous data or scored surveys. For example, you […]

PeopleTools 8.57 -Wildcard type ahead

I am really excited for this feature. PeopleTools 8.57 is available with Wildcard Type ahead. So now instead of starting from the beginning, user can use “%” sign and find all the values that contains the keyword. See the below video from my mobile for a demo. Contact for more information.

PeopleSoft Image 29 – Notification Tile

Finally PeopleSoft HCM group is caught up with the Financial group and has launched the Notification tile. The tile has a nice layout and looks great with the new color scheme Oracle used in PeopleTools 8.57. I played around a bit with the tile and here is my review. Tile layout is clean and as […]

Our career site is up!

I am proud to announce that our Career site is up and we are hiring! Check out for career opportunities in PeopleSoft and other ERP platforms.

Do we have a bag of tricks!

Its been two years since Seema LLC came into existence and in these two years we have executed some amazing projects that enabled our clients to be named PeopleSoft Innovators. With the support of our consulting community, below are some of the projects that we executed last year. We completed a complex Variable and Merit […]